Harvesting Riesling by hand and grape harvester

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Harvesting Riesling by hand and grape harvester

Die Zeiten ändern sich.

Dieser Beitrag scheint älter als 13 Jahre zu sein – eine lange Zeit im Internet. Der Inhalt ist vielleicht veraltet.

Mikel asked me to post some pictures about harvesting Riesling. No problem, here we are, 2 pictures which documents the the way winerys are working today. Every method might be the best one, depending on the situation, the vintage, the climate, the mood, the availability of manpower, etc …

Harvesting by hand, Riesling Spätlese from our historic vineyard in the city of Heidelberg. In the background you can see the heidelberg castle, in front its Hermann, Harvester of the year 2008!
Riesling Spätlese 2008
Harvesting with grape harvester, Riesling basic qualities. Just a few days ago a team of worker went in to the vineyard to cut out all grapes which the harvesting machine shall not pick.
Traubenvollernter - grape harvester
After harvesting by machine the grapes are pressed immediately. Within 30 minutes after picking the grapejuice is draining down into the winecellar.
Traubenvollernter - grape harvester


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