Riesling 2008

Die Zeiten ändern sich.

Dieser Beitrag scheint älter als 10 Jahre zu sein – eine lange Zeit im Internet. Der Inhalt ist vielleicht veraltet.

During the next days harvesting is going to be hot here in the winery.
Finally we are starting to pick Riesling.
Harvesting by hand at places like THIS one, we hope to get at least Spätlese qualities.
In late afternoon a harvestingmachine will also start picking grapes for basic quality wines


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2 Responses to Riesling 2008

  1. I’d like to see some pics from the harvest and a view to the City. I think it’s a very famous place to pick Riesling (didn’t Goethe write something about it?) and one of the famoust views of Germany to the Castle of Heidelberg!
    And surley taste the wine, sometimes ;-).

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