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ProWein meeting 2009 – the menu

The menu for sundays ProWein Meeting in the Marli Weinbar Restaurant.

Maybe out there is somebody who can translate this in english?

Reibekuchen mit hausgebeiztem Lachs und Kräuter-Creme fraiche

* * *

Geschmorte Rinderbäckchen mit bürgerlichem Wirsinggemüse

* **

Dessert oder Käse

per person  37,00 €
If you bring in wine, per bottle 22,00 €

Hope this is ok for all of you!!

Informations about the participiants you will find here in this blogpost, if you are missing somebody, please let us know!! If you still want to joyn in, you are welcome, please leave a comment or use twtvite

More Details coming soon!!


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