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No Icewine

We won’t produce any icewine this vintage, we still have enough. Still, a lot of other winerys will give it a try this year, and it looks good. It won’t take to long this year to get the necessary frost.

It is not to much what is needed, just temperatures below -7 °C, a few helping hands, and still nice and healthy grapes hanging on the vine.

Not this ones I’m going to show you here 🙂

No icewine grapes, just the left overs from the last vintage after snowfall and temperatures around -1°C.
White vineyard - Schnee im Weinberg

It won’t taste nice, even if it’s frozen
White vineyard - Schnee im Weinberg

Gewurztraminer decorated with snow.
White vineyard - Schnee im Weinberg

Outside frozen, inside sour
White vineyard - Schnee im Weinberg

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Harvesting Riesling by hand and grape harvester

Mikel asked me to post some pictures about harvesting Riesling. No problem, here we are, 2 pictures which documents the the way winerys are working today. Every method might be the best one, depending on the situation, the vintage, the climate, the mood, the availability of manpower, etc …

Harvesting by hand, Riesling Spätlese from Continue reading

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Riesling 2008

During the next days harvesting is going to be hot here in the winery.
Finally we are starting to pick Riesling.
Harvesting by hand at places like THIS one, we hope to get at least Spätlese qualities.
In late afternoon a harvestingmachine will also start picking grapes for basic quality wines


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Harvest 2008

On monday we wil start harvesting grape varieties like Pinot gris, Pinot meunier and Pinot noir for Rosé.

The Frühburgunder (Pinot precoce noir) harvested in august is allready pressed an made its way down into the winecellar.
Im Weinkeller

Müller Thurgau was harvested last Friday, the results are totally disturbing, we got only a few hundret Liters, of course of a Continue reading

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