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Wine Blogging Wednesday #50 – Which wine which wilderness?

Russ Beebes winehiking blog is hosting the 50th edition of Wine Blogging Wednesday created by Lenn of LENNDEVOURS wine blog!!

Russ is having a great idea, get the bloggers walking and drinking at the same time 🙂
For me autum is the most beautyfull season in germany, in this time my country changes its coulours from green to brown, red, yellow and gold. Walking into the forests, fields and vineyards will bring you breathtaking coulourfull experiences.

For this event I went to a near place which is called Kohlhof, some 50 years ago the farming place of Heidelberg.

The wine:

The most easiest part of this event was the opening and drinking of the wine. I decided to drink regional, I decide further to enjoy something I have produced by my self, of course to be regional means a wine coming from Heidelberg! And there is only this wine 🙂 Sorry for being lazy organizing wine!


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WBW#34 Walla Walla??

winebloggingwednesday2.jpgThe challenge of this wine blogging wednesday was to get wines which suites the theme the wild Walla Walla wine woman Catie announced on her blog.
First step was to call the winemerchants in the city to ask for a wine from Walla Walla.

Hallo Sir, I`m looking for a wine from the Walla Walla distirict?

From what?

Walla Walla, thats a winearea situatet in Washington state!!

Sorry, never heard about, we’ve got some nice Cabernets from Gallo. Wouldn’t this be interesting for you?

Of course, it was not!! Continue reading

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Wine blogging Wednesday #30 – New World Syrah

winebloggingwednesday2.jpgWine blogging Wednesday is hostet this time by Tim Elliot from winecast a wine blog and podcast. This is the 5th entry of Winzerblog to this world wide wine tasting event. I’m glad I could manage to join in, thanks to Tim for hosting and thanks to Lenn having the idea of Wine blogging Wednesday 🙂

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