about me

Fortunately my profession and passion are about the same thing – wine!

I’m working as a winemaker in a small winery in Heidelberg. Lot of things I’m writing about are happening at this winery, but not everything.

I have been working in several german winerys in several different wine areas. End of the 80’s I went for 3 years to South Afrika.
Coming home from South Afrika I went again to school for 2 years to get the ability to educate young people for the winebusiness and call my self from this time on a „Techniker für Weinbau und Kellerwirtschaft“. In Germany this is in between a winemaker and a graduate.

Having this title I have been asked to join in to the managemant of a big wine cooperative as a sales manager. I have been in charge to sell about 8000 000 bottles wine a year.
After 2 years I gave up this job and changed the smart suit and tie to gumboots and went back to the proper job of a winemaker in a real winecellar without any sales pressure.

For 2 years I have been running my own winery, which unfortunately did not work out nicely, this was the point when I changed the place of work the very last time, hopefuly for the rest of my life.

Only professional blogging could make me thinking about my job, nothing else, I’m happy like it is.

My working place: Heidelberg winery

Other blogging projekts I’m involved in:
And one more very interesting project is starting soon.

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