about this blog

Winzerblog is a german blog about wine. The word Winzer is german and means winegrower, vintner or winemaker. Winzerblog is about german wine in general and the way of winemaking and working in an small family runed winery in special.

In several statitics Winzerblog.de is the leading wineblog of germany on incoming links and traffic. It is the only wineblog which articles are frequently commentet in the german blogsphere.

We decided not to use special bilingual Plugins or any other stuff to seperate the english from german content. It will be roughly seperatet, but at least this is a german website and it will stay as a german website. My english readers will get quickly used to these funny few german words they will find in the template or other places of this blog. We do our my english readers feel comfortabel at this german place.

English and german content of this blog is NOT equal!! Please check out the feeds, winzerblog offers single language feeds and feeds over all languages.

Learning English in school is more than 20 years back. So I ask for your sympathy for my english!! I just do not want to use several hours on a single article.

Very important:
Winzerblog is a private blog, not a winery blog!!
Winzerblog is free of commercials, and is never paid for its artikels.
All you are reading here is my private opinion and not this of the winery.

This Blog is administratet from my friend Theo Huesmann. Everything what has to do with technical things like software, is fortunately his part, all I can do is making wine and a little bit of writing. I’m very lucky knowing this man and call him a friend. Thank you for this effort Theo!!

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