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WBW 19 – When in Rhône

Die Zeiten ändern sich.

Dieser Beitrag scheint älter als 18 Jahre zu sein – eine lange Zeit im Internet. Der Inhalt ist vielleicht veraltet.

My first entry to the global wine tasting event Wine Blogging Wedensday, hostet this time by Jathan from winexpression.
The wine:
Cuvée Prestige
Côtes du Rhône Villages
Appelation Côtes du Rhône Villages Contrôlée
Alcohol: 14 %Vol
Cuvée of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre

Cave de Rasteau
Vaucluse – France

I bought this wine for 6,90 Euro at „Jaques Weindepot“ in Heidelberg. I’ve been curios about this wine, of course the winemaker has been working 3 years in Australia, so I have been told. So this wine could be different from the other Rhônewines. There has been several other offers at „Jaques Weindepot“, but I really did not know how to categorize the offers, the „consultant“ in the shop wasn’t really helpful.
The bottle:
The labeling is well done, its exact in shape and is in position were it should be. Twin-top cork, burgundy-style bottle.

The wineseller told me to open the bottle a few hours before drinking, but I gave it a first try just after opening. I’ve been drinking alone this time, so I would get a chance to drink this wine even the next day.
The first impression I got: what a beautiful brilliant coloure! At this time I could not know this would be the last positive thing I will find about this wine! Unfortunately!

First impression of the aroma has been a slightly smell of some type of autochthonal vines. What a surprise, I’ve been expecting something like earthy and smoky tastes, but it was more something like leather or dried fruits. Maybe I have been so curios, of course I’m just not „used“ to this grapevarietys.

The wine is clearly dominated by the Alcohol which might even higher than 14%vol. Far in the back, for a short moment you got a taste of smoothness, a mouthfeeling of a highly concentrated wine. The tannins are sharp and green, which means this are tannins which will not ripen, so I would say, this is a wine without potential for the next years. But I couldn’t expect to get a wine with potential for 7 Euro. But for 7 Euro I expected an easy drinking wine, without hard tannins and alcohol which let me start headbanging after drinking a glas of it.
Still I know especially the Germans love wines like this, do they often equate high alcohol with quality. In this case I’m not a typical german.
Tasting this wine one day later, didn’t change a lot, only the flavors has gone and the alcohol is even more dominating than it was after opening the bottle.

What did I learn?
Having again this wine, I suggest the wine has to go with food, like heavy roastet meat and very very spicy dips.

What else did I learn?
This time the wine and myself did not come together. For the next Wine Blogging Wednesday I will have to choose my wine more carefuly, of course I would like to write about things which makes pleasure, means wines what match my taste.

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