Wine blogging Wednesday #28 – sparklers

Auf Reisen

Wine blogging Wednesday #28 – sparklers

Die Zeiten ändern sich.

Dieser Beitrag scheint älter als 17 Jahre zu sein – eine lange Zeit im Internet. Der Inhalt ist vielleicht veraltet.

winebloggingwednesday2.jpgOn first place many thanks to Culinary fool for hosting this month WbW event, and announcing such a beautyfull theme. Just in time coming near to christmas and new years eve, all of us are looking for this special sparklers.

My entry for this WbW comes from Austria, its a perlwein, grown and made at Triebaumer Estate, Rust, Burgenland, Neusiedler See.

2004 Triebaumer muscato

Well, I did know this is something special, I’ve been told to go along with some raw milk cheese to this sparkling wine, but this cheese is one of this very few ones I don’t like with wine. I don’t know why, but all trials so far weren’t that nice.
The Triebaumer muscato is made of a grape variety we call gelber Musateller, sorry, I do not know the english name so far.

Triebaumers homepage tells us about the the making of this sparkling wine:

Immediately after harvesting the grapes were processed in an effective and perfectly clean manner under permanent temperature-control. Fining of the must by means of a rotary vacuum filter, fermentation in pressure tanks at a temperature of 16° C; at an alcoholic strength of 7% alc.vol. fermentation was interrupted by cooling down the must.

The result of this winegrowing and winemakingprocess is a stunning beautyfull flavoured sparkling wine, which reminds me to a fully packed basket with pears and exotic fruits like pineaples and mangos. But it is not only the flavours what fascinates, its the mouthfeeling you get when drinking this perlwein. The sweetnes and the accidity are fitting together to perfect harmony.
Even not being used to sparkling wines with residual sugar around 50 gr/l, with muscato in the glas you wont stop drinking until the bottle is empty. Just make sure, there is more of this sparkling wine available, of course going back to „normal“ wines after enjoying this muscato seems impossible for me.

Using a grape variaty like gelber Muskateller for a sparkling wine seems surprising, but just think about Moscato d’Asti, here we are, in the tradition of Spumantes and Frizzantes from the Piedmont region.
And yes, drinking this Perlwein together with some friends, the first impression all of us was: This perlwein reminds us back in the early 80’s, having party and drinking Asti Spumante!!
But yes, we have been young and drinking this very cheap sparkling wine coming from Asti. I think it was among the cheapest sparkling wines available in Germany, but in this times we were loving this sweet stuff, not thinking about qualitiy or things like grape varietys. In this case, it was not just a pleasure drinking this wine, it was also a lovely recall of the past.


Coming to the end of this entry, thanks to Guido who gave me the opportunity to drink this lovely, sweet, high quality sparkling wine.

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